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Window Cleaning and The Need For Pure Water.

Window Cleaning and The Need For Pure Water

The window cleaning industry requires pure water to service their clients. Pure water is water in which all impurities are removed. Impurities in regular tap water range from a number of minerals to hard water particles. For example, regular tap water is plagued with minerals and micro-organisms such as sodium and calcium. Although consumption of regular tap water will not cause you harm, it will cause harm if used to clean objects such as windows. Window cleaners run the risk of leaving stains and/or long-term damage on the windows of their clients if they do not use pure water. This is the reason why pure water is a necessary element of window cleaners inventories.

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How pure water can help your business

Commonly, window cleaning operates via water-fed poles or manually by using squeegees and a bucket. Nonetheless, irrespective of the method utilised, window cleaning requires the need for pure water. We take the hassle out of the time-consuming and complicated process of making pure water at home. Here at Pure Water Dublin, we guarantee all of our clients pure water at 00.00 TDS. We develop our pure water from a private well we have in the Dublin mountains. We use the newest up-to-date multistage water filtration system which is monitored daily. Our filtration equipment includes reverse osmosis with a final deionisation polishing stage. The deionisation polishing stage uses high-quality mixed bed ion exchange resin. Our modern and precise pure water manufacturing process allows Pure Water Dublin to guarantee our window cleaners pure water at 00.00TDS for only 5c per litre (excluding VAT). Give Pure Water Dublin a call to discuss making an account, alternatively we contact us through our contact form here!

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