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How to test water purity?

How to test water purity?

It is useful to know how to test water purity because it is necessary that industries, such as window cleaning, have water at 000 parts-per-million (PPM). Although a window cleaner can use between 0 and 7 PPM, it is recommended that they use water at 000 PPM for a streak-free perfect crystal clear finish.

PPM is a unit that represents the measurement of dissolved solids in water. Pure water has 000 PPM. Our water at Pure Water Dublin is at 00.00 TDS. TDS refers to ‘total dissolved solids’ and TDS meters are used to test the purity of water.

How do TDS meters work?

TDS meters function by evaluating the electronic conductivity within water and provide a measure of TDS. 00.00 TDS is complete pure water and is ideal for window cleaning. You can test your TDS meter on your regular tap water which will result in a high level of TDS. Irrespective of high TDS levels in drinking water, you should not worry as regular tap water is completely safe to drink.

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