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Pure Water Dublin


We are a Self Service Pure Water station located in the Dublin area. Our Pure Water is guaranteed at 00.00 TDS purity! Pure Water isused in industries such as the window cleaning industry. 

Take the hassle and expense out of making your own Pure Water for your window cleaning business. Save on expensive RO/DI filtration fit-outs that require a lot of maintenance – keep it simple with just a tank and a pump. Use Pure Water top ups to ensure your water is 00.00 TDS!

We guaranteed 00.00 TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) 00.00 PPM (Parts Per Million) Pure Water with every fill! We always have 10,000 Litres of Pure Water stored.

We use the latest up-to-date multistage daily monitored water filtration equipment to include RO (Reverse Osmosis) with a final DI Deionisation polishing stage using high quality mixed bed ion exchange resin to guarantee you only ever receive 00.00 TDS & 00.00 PPM Pure Water.

How Pure Water Dublin Works

Our Pure Water operates via Self-Service. See how our process works below.


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