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The Difference Between Pure Water and Regular Tap Water

It must be noted that tap water is not the same as pure water, so what is pure water?

By definition, the composition of water (H₂O) is made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen; however, the regular tap water that we drink at home contains additional components such as minerals. These minerals range from calcium and magnesium. Although this water is perfectly fine to consume, it is not okay to use for some business functions such as window cleaning. The additional minerals that are included in regular tap water leave residue marks and, if used consistently, can cause long-term damage to surfaces. Moreover, depending on the area you live in (hard or soft water), will determine the composition of your regular tap water minerals and elements.

pure water

Pure water is water that goes through a purification process which removes all of the additional minerals and components. Pure water should have a TDS of 00.00 which is what we guarantee here at Pure Water Dublin. Purified water is commonly referred to as deionised water as the process of deionisation is included in the filtration method. Pure water allows window cleaners to clean the surface of the window without the requirement of the use of a squeegee. This is why modern window cleaners offer a water-fed pole service. If the window cleaner adequately cleaners windows with the necessary technique then the window can be left to dry naturally with no marks.

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